The images below are taken direct from the camera, no improvements have been made to the images in Photoshop. They have been cropped down but the actual image shown is at 100% size straight from the camera. Each image was produced with identical camera settings and were taken within a few minutes of each other.


Judging from the images above, does the Olivon T90ED beat the Olivon T90 at digiscoping?

I think it does. To me the difference is slight, but the digital camera has managed to pick out some of the finer detail that the ED scope offers. To me it's a question of balance, if you want a spotting scope so that you can digiscope, do the results above warrant spending £650 on the ED rather than £300 on the standard T90?

That's a decision only you can make, my view is if you can afford it and you want the very best optics possible for normal observation and digiscoping, then buy the ED scope. At £650 it's considerably cheaper than comparative ED scopes.

But if like me, your on a budget, the standard T90 is a fantastic all round scope, it not only offers superb optics for general observation, but it can produce the goods when digiscoping.

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