GXR is a new camera system that consists of a body and camera units. Each camera unit contains a lens (focal lengths differ between units), an image sensor of optimum type and size for the unit, and an image processing engine.
The slide mechanism adopted for attaching and removing camera units enables changes to be made quickly and securely.

The ease with which dust can adhere to image sensors has been a system problem for interchangeable lens digital cameras up to now. In the case of GXR camera units, however, the lens and the image sensor are integrated into a single unit. This structure makes it difficult for dust to get in since it is not necessary to expose the inside of the camera when changing lenses. In addition, the inside of the units are highly airtight with light-shielded walls. Even in highly dusty shooting environments, camera units can be changed without hesitation.

The GXR remembers shooting settings in both the body and the camera unit. It is possible to select in advance which settings are to be used when the camera unit is changed. Select the body settings if you want to shoot and process images in the same way regardless of the camera unit. Select the camera unit settings if you want to change settings for image creation in a style specific to the camera unit.

The DIRECT button is located on the back of the GXR. When in shooting mode, pressing the DIRECT button displays the current shooting settings. Since the settings are transparently displayed over the image, the DIRECT screen is convenient for simultaneously checking both the image and the settings.


A wide range of settings can be registered in advance and instantaneously accessed by just turning the mode dial. The GXR provides three My Settings to enhance the photographer's ability to respond instantly to scenes and creative inspirations.



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GXR digiscoping benefits:

  • Full manual control over all settings and functions
  • Optional V2 viewfinder
  • Electronic shutter release cable compatiable
  • Large 3" ultra clear LCD screen
  • Digiscoping settings can be saved in to the camera's memory

The GXR automatically identifies the subject and continues to focus. So when the shutter-release button is pressed halfway, the lens is already at a focus distance close to optimum. Since the focusing is quickly done, you can shoot with greater ease.

Tilt indicator
When photographing nature, it can be difficult to determine if the camera is level, the tilt indicator makes it possible to find the precise level position.

High-definition 920,000-dot picture display enables precise focus checks
A 3.0-inch, 920,000-dot high-definition LCD panel is used for the picture display. A wide color reproduction range with 100% sRGB coverage gives a high-reality image for both shooting and playback. The large screen size and high resolution enable careful checking of focus when images are magnified and reviewed in playback. Superior visibility and durability are achieved with a fluorine coat to prevent soiling, a hard coat to prevent scratches, and an anti-reflection coat.